The complex, with the credit of aware and provident management and skilled personnel, has earned the following honors:
1- The best entrepreneur of Fars province
2- Selected as a famous food industry of Iran
3. A sample of the meat products industry
4.National Entrepreneur according to National Media
5- Top industry slate from the national media perspective
6- Receiving the statue of superior food safety and health management
7- Receiving a statue of young producers
8. Receiving Statue of Quality Assurance and Animal Health Food Safety
9. Top Entrepreneur according to the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare
10. Receive statue for famous Iranian industry and trade
11. Receive Statue of Industry and Mine
12. Receiving Statue of the National Congress of Food Sciences of Iran
13. Industrial Sample Unit at the Heroes of Industry Festival
14- Provincial sample unit from the main Office of Fars Province
15. Receive Statue of National natural Food 
16. Get Halal Brand Certificate from the Trading center
17. Receive the first commemoration of World Food Day
18. Award IN the National Festival of Top Brands
19. Receipt of the 21st National Congress of Food and Science of Iran
20. Receive GRATITUDE from the Chair of the High Council for Policy Making
21.sample unit of the year from the Veterinary Organization (from the Minister of Agriculture)
22. Receive Award of Occupational Health Safety
23. Receipt of the appreciation from the Ministry of Industries and Mines
24- Get a sample manager from the House of Industry and Mines of Youth
25 - Branding Leading Brigade
In the end, we hope that we will be honored to be more productive to our beloved Iran, Islamic Republic of Iran.