Founder of the sham sham industrial protein complex 

The late Haj Samad Owji


  Sham sham Protein Industrial Complex with over 37 years of brilliant experience in the production of meat and protein products in a vast environment with the use of 1232 experienced personnel in a suitable space with an area of 7 hectares is located at 60th kilometer of Shiraz-Sepidan road. The geometric and engineering design of the complex is such that it enablesfurther modification and development.

The use of high-quality raw materials, combined with the use of advanced machinery or contemporary technology, enables the complex to enhance the diversity of its products and to produce sausages, kielbasa, hamburgers and kebabs nuggets, segmenting and packaging of white and red meat and cooked foods in total with annual production capacity 40,000 tons to be the top producers and distributors of the country.

Giving importance to the health of the personnel and the working environment as well as the health conditions according to rules and regulations of the Ministry of Health is the priority of the personnel of the complex.

Developing a professional and able environment by the members of this complex in every block of the factory led the complex in the path of earning the domestic and international standards and also cause us to gain the license of (ISO 22000 , 2005 safety inspection of food products ) and (ISO 900 ,1:2000 quality inspection ) and (HACCP health inspection from England) also the Halal and the national standard license of Iran which shows that complex aims in increasing the level of both quality and quantity according to the universal standards.

Also, after clearing all the national and international standard procedures, the complex succeeded in exporting its products to the Gulf countries such as the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Iraq and south of Saudi Arabia.


This complex succeeded in the establishment of the Institute of Applied Scientific, under the supervision of the Ministry of Science and Technology and Research, in the year 1993, which promoted the level of scientific knowledge of the personnel and recruiting specialist staff.

Even the complex has been an influential step in the field of scientific research of the community.

It is noteworthy that this complex has established 10 companies for the transport and distribution of its products all around Iran.