The nutritional value of the products is the sham sham industrial protein complex

Due to the increased workload caused by industrial production and population growth, the consumption of meat products is increasing today. Frequency, easy access, reasonable prices, quick cooking, appetite, and good taste are another reason for the increasing desire to consume meat. Meat and its products are among the most valuable sources of a protein associated with human nutrition. Meat product refers to a product that contains at least half of the raw material of the meat and the remainder includes fat, water and ice, sodium chloride, alkali phosphates, sodium nitrite, and other additives. Sausage and kielbasa are one of the oldest forms of meat products. The use of meat products as a source of protein and its replacement in the diet, as a share of the daily intake, can respond to some of the nutritional problems. It should be understood that the consumption of meat products for many reasons, including the cost-effectiveness of the purchase price of white or red meat, facilitate the cooking of the taste of this growing trend in the community. Red meat contains high biological value and low nutrient content. Meat is rich in proteins containing essential amino acids for the body, minerals such as iron and zinc, all kinds of vitamins, as well as enough energy to make it among Classify the best and most complete food. The fat content of red meat depends on the type of red meat, the cut and the degree of trimming, as well as the race, sex, age of slaughter, and the type of animal's nutrition throughout life, and often consists of triglycerides, a combination of glycerin and fatty acids, and a variety of vitamins the solution is found in fat and water in meat. Meat is one of the rich sources of vitamins B (B complex) as well as pantothenic acid and folic acid and ascorbic acid. The amount of minerals in fresh meat is about 1%. Among minerals, meat, iron, and zinc are particularly important in terms of nutrition. Meat and its products are considered as energy sources, and their use in energy supply plays an important role. The amount of energy provided by meat varies and is particularly affected by the content of fat, and meat containing higher fat will have more energy.
1.6.2 Principles of nutrition
Appropriate nutrition is the use of a certain amount of different food groups that, while providing the energy they need, are able to provide micronutrients and macronutrients for metabolic processes, growth development, maintenance of the rehabilitation and replacement of cells and various worn out tissues. The purpose of creating a food balance is to integrate the daily food in such a way that the balance of the five nutrients is supplied together and the lack of any deficiencies in any of the living matter. Different foods mean the optimal use of all food groups in daily rations.
Foods, in addition to eliminating the appearance of hunger and providing pleasure and satisfaction to meet the numerous needs of the human body Since at least one-third of the daily requirement for protein, is provided through a compensatory protein. sham sham holding has always tried to use the latest methods of the day and use the best meats and the most up-to-date laboratory tools to provide customers with products that are in the form of a major part of the body protein. In this supplement chain, all the needs of the human body, including the need for iron, the need for zinc, the need for magnesium, and the need for water and fat-soluble vitamins, have been thoroughly analyzed and tried to be used in manufactured products. In other words, the real mission of sham sham holding is that the emotional importance that comes into being in people is as important as the product being produced, and the ultimate goal of the set is to give joy and pleasure to customers.
Valuation process in sham sham holding
It is natural that organizations, according to their own strategies, formulate a variety of methods in creating a process of valuation and in the best possible operation they can take appropriate actions. In keeping with the above process, dinner has always been trying to give its rivals the opportunity to create distinctive features and create new ideas. The various ways in which the valuation process can be created in organizations can be seen in both objective and objective frameworks. The objective process is the process of valuation, which results from statistical and econometric methods, mainly in the form of capital stock, the composition of a capital structure, such as debt, supply notes, and so on. However, 
Processing of relevant information based on the form of the relationship between their needs, their goals, their values and their knowledge of the product and services they draw in their minds. By assessing the product or services involved in purchasing. Sham sham holding is proud. Besides the extensive efforts to create value added in relation to the intrinsic values of the organization, which is the objective valuation method, much attention is also given to creating mental values among stakeholders (shareholders, employees, and customers).
The frameworks for valuation in sham sham holding are:
1. Valuation models for customers: Includes value presentation, value network, and value chain
2. method of communication with customers: Including communication through the site, compilation, and submission of customer surveys, compilation and submission of a survey form from the general public, and compiling and submitting a survey form from the stores and experts in the lines of telephone direct customer voice
3. Management capabilities: Optimal use of the intellectual potential of all associates and the creation of different teams and teams
4. Innovation: Trying to innovate new products and services 
5. Quality: Includes the use of the best and most quality raw materials
6. Interpersonal communication of personnel: involves the formation of formal groups and informal groups of effective friendships
7. The commercial value derived from:
8. Technology includes the availability of world-class devices and a fully equipped laboratory and the world's latest scientific method for analyzing materials and packaging.
9. Commitment and social responsibility: Considering the principle of community health by observing the creation of diversity in the production product by carefully analyzing the supply chain of all human needs,
10. Reputation
11. Customer service
12. Flexibility
Sham Sham holding tries to work with the best of the 12 strategies of the process of valuation to allocate a significant percentage of the distinctive mental value and the previous contribution (in terms of comfort and health) to the community.