Healthy diet for children

Since children are constantly exposed to energy inactivity, lack of attention to feeding them according to their needs leads to inadequate weight gain, delayed height, and puberty.
Protein is one of the most important sources of energy and maintains a positive nitrogen balance. The need for protein (per kg body weight) is proportional to the age of the individual:
Energy age Kcal / BW, protein gr / BW 
10-8 years 65 -75, 1.1 – 2.1
13-12 years 50 – 60, 1 – 1.1
17-16 years 40 – 50, 9.0  
In healthy children, 30 to 40 percent of adult bone mass forms naturally during puberty and caused by anabolic effects of sex hormones and lipoprotein. So, any changes in the secretion and function of these hormones, caused by energy and protein constraints, can disrupt the natural synthesis of bone mass, leading to bone loss and a fragile structure, which is likely to result in irreversible complications during adulthood.
How to get the right nutrition program for children:
The main condition of living healthy, private in childhood and adolescence: having proper nutrition.
Proper nutrition means observing two principles of equilibrium and diversity in the daily diet plan: Balancing means consuming enough of the ingredients needed to maintain a healthy body and variety, i.e. consuming different types of nutrients for the intake of children and adolescents is always important for the purpose of creating food diversity.
The physical activity of children and adolescents on the one hand, and the amount of fuel and burning above this age group on the other, practically cause the desire to eat various foods, especially cold foods.
Given that the body is in growth and development, it is natural that if the vitamins required in their diets are not considered, then there will be many complications in adulthood. For example, students who have iron deficiency anemia will always have fatigued.
And in these individuals’ behavioral changes occur in a variety of ways, including impatience and indifference from the tangible and contemplative behaviors of this era.
Sham sham holding experts using their full potential and the latest methods of the day, the world is trying to make the smallest contribution of their social responsibility and commitment to improving the general level of health and nutrition needed by the community using the best raw materials.