The training, capacity and scientific and technical insights for individuals to carry out applied research, inventions, and discoveries, increase and expand. One of the manifestations of discipline in the organization is the description of tasks that are designed for individuals.Training will prepare individuals to take advantage of advanced equipment and technology in their production.In industrial manufacturing organizations, humans are the most important factor in production and, based on the type of technology, the type of production of culture and the set of organizational factors, form the relations of production that crystallize in the form of industrial relations. In order to create a balance in the industrial relations of such organizations, there are several factors that must be taken into consideration, but what is most important, and the role of infrastructure and creator in regulating relationships, training and raising the level of extreme and comprehensive awareness in human organization.
 Therefore, the sham sham industrial protein complex, with the approach of training and using young and talented and educated forces in the food industry, distribution and sales sub-sectors, has tried to improve the level of internal organization knowledge to develop power for use in other industries. Through the long-term training center sham sham institute. The importance of the role of education in the strategy and the long-term and long-term road map of the organization has led to the development of knowledge beyond the organization and the community-oriented outlook and in drawing up efficient graduates at the level of domestic industries.