It is natural that organizations, according to their own strategies, formulate a variety of methods in creating a valuation process, and in the best possible way, they can take appropriate actions. Sham sham holding has always been trying to create a distinction between its rivals and create new ideas. Various approaches in creating the process of valuation in organizations can be seen in the context of both objective and objective frameworks. The objective process is the process of valuation that results from statistical and econometric methods, mainly in the form of capital stock, the combination of capital structure, such as debt, supply notes, and so on. However, the mental process of valuation is completely enclosed in thoughts, and human beings deal with the processing of relevant information based on the form of the relationship between their needs, their goals, their values and their knowledge of the product and services they draw in their minds. And value the product or services related to the purchase. The sham sham complex is proud to be proud of addition to the extensive effort to create added value in relation to the intrinsic values of the organization, which is the method of objective valuation, is also of great interest in creating mental values among its stakeholders (shareholders, employees, customers). Creating value creation in sham sham complex are:
1. Valuation models for customers: Includes value presentation, value network, and value chain
2. Mode of contacting customers: Includes communication through the site, compilation, and submission of customer surveys, compilation and submission of a public opinion poll, and the formulation of a survey form from the stores and professionals of the direct line customer voice telephony.
3. Management capabilities: Optimal use of the intellectual potential of all associates and the creation of different teams and teams
4. Innovation: Trying to innovate new products and services
5. Quality: Includes the use of the best and most quality raw materials
6. Interpersonal communication of personnel: involves the formation of formal groups and informal groups of effective friendships
7. The common commercial value derived from:
8. Technology includes the availability of world-class devices and a fully equipped laboratory and the world's latest scientific method for analyzing materials and packaging.
9. Commitment and social responsibility: Considering the principle of community health by observing the creation of diversity in the production product by carefully analyzing the supply chain of all human needs,
10. Reputation
11. Customer service
12. Flexibility
Sham sham complex tries to work with the best of the 12 strategies of the process of valuation to allocate a significant percentage of the distinctive mental value and previous contribution (in terms of comfort and health) to the community.