One of the biggest and most important aspects of human life is human counteraction to famine and hunger. Healthy food supplies to the growing population of the world are the major concerns in the world. Unfortunately, millions of food products are eliminated every year due to various causes, including the activity of microbes, chemical and enzymatic and environmental factors, and a consistent struggle to prevent the loss of these materials. In this struggle, packaging and food preservation play a major role. The use of various coatings for food packaging is now becoming a huge industry, and today the number of agricultural products and food products that are supplied without coverage and depending on the market is reduced. Due to the growth and transformation of the consumption culture, the use of classified materials has found a special place among the people. Today, although its packaging is in order to preserve food against external agents, it is a means to increase shelf-life, it is also a factor in the relationship between the food in the packet and the buyer, and they are packed, not the notes perfectly Maintaining the quality of the product in the distance between the production line at the factory and the consumer desk, and instilling a certain culture of its own. Now packaging is a pure technology, a combination of art and science, and has opened its place well among the scientific community so that the packaging of manufactured products at the factory is now a necessity and even certain sections are devoted to it. It is worthwhile to pay attention to environmental concerns as a matter of necessity so that this useful industry can be used without any harm to human life.