Employment in the general sense means the use of a factor of production by a public or private company and, more commonly, means employment and occupation.The percentage of unemployment is usually the natural rate of unemployment, the maintenance of which is considered as the maximum full employment and is an important factor in economic growth and, most importantly, an increase in living standards. Industrial employment consists of two parts.First is the employment generated by the launch of new production-distribution projects, most of which can be found in the above-mentioned units, is another job creation through contracting and construction projects of these production and distribution units.Of course, one can expect that in sectors with the industry of past and previous links, there will be other jobs that cannot be achieved without industrial development.The effective factor that contributes to creating effective employment is the high role of education and training institutions in educating skilled and efficient human resources to promote day-to-day technology and industry, and sham sham industrial protein complex, relying on a well-structured strategy for production and long-term sustainability of maintaining and expanding the distribution network has been the main goal of job creation. By developing effective forces in the applied scientific center of the complex, in addition to promoting the scientific level of the society in the direction of applied knowledge and directing entrepreneurship, a major step towards providing the elaborate and highly skilled industry Leading has taken.