Collaboration with the lab

Today's reputation as to product quality and its preservation is the only way to survive in the domestic markets and to gain access to foreign markets.
Therefore, we always need to monitor the quality of the products in order to ensure the quality of the product. In the process of testing the input raw material as the first and finished product as the last stage of the production process, it is considered that performing the test at the right time will minimize the delay in the product supply to the market and refocus the product in terms of Quality prevented.

In order to evaluate the products, we first consider a sample of the product as a product reagent and, in accordance with the specifications, and by qualified experts and in defined environmental conditions in accordance with the standards, in the laboratory of the sham sham protein industrial complex is examined. Now, in order to complete the testing sideways, in order to help the production activity, also participate in quality improvement programs for export goods and increase the competitiveness of products with similar products in the domestic and overseas markets, by verifying compliance of various parameters for products in accordance with the relevant standards are from approved laboratories with government agencies (collaborated laboratories) in the framework of legal contracts.

Raw materials of meat products of the shams sham industrial protein complex
Ingredients used in meat products of the sham sham industrial protein complex are: 
Domestic animal meat, water, sodium casein, gluten, soy protein, milk powder, cheese, egg, oil, flour and bread, cereal starch, salt, Dried fruits and vegetables, additives that are used or removed depending on the type of product and the relevant standard.
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Meat and meat products are the main sources of energy and protein. Nevertheless, alterations in consumer attitudes in recent years and increasing attention to food enrichment methods in order to increase the consumer health of the complex towards the production of meat products containing less fat, Lower cholesterol, lower levels of additive, and increased health messenger compositions with a taste and appearance, with legalized manufacturing licenses.