Art and esthetics

Art is a process in which a meaning or feeling or form is expressed in a beautiful figure, considering the principles of aesthetics, which ultimately affects the emotions and feelings of the audience of the process, according to which our products are subject to another factor that can be called art of attraction or art of communication. Using the phenomenon of art to create attraction in a communication cover can play a crucial role in selling a product. Art is precisely for such a purpose by the help of communication coverage and the appearance of a packaging system. Clarifying the contribution of art to poor production systems can be one of the most important factors in expanding their sales and markets. What should be known at the beginning of a production system or strong management developed in the furnace of the competition is the issue of (artistic message). A successful artistic message in the field of packaging systems can create an emotion in the buyer or receiver in the name of attraction or attention so that it can apply its logic beyond the logic governing that mind at a particular moment. Therefore, an artistic message must be able to capture the mind of the buyer as long as it does not eliminate the communication between the message and the contents, that is, the product in the package. Therefore, the effect of art and artistic message on our products can be seen in the design and photography of the product of the type of packaging, the colors used font type, etc. Also, it is worth noting that we have slightly advanced the product and try to have the beauty and the difference that includes the shape and size of the product and the type of product layout in the package.