Health and Wellness Tips

We believe that the health of the community is one of the main factors in the dynamism and development of that society, and to ensure the health of the community, the main factor is healthy and safe food. The following are the goals and policies of the sham sham industrial protein complex to produce healthy and safe products.
1. Water quality control
2. Control the health of workers and personnel
3. Health care facilities in the transportation process
4. Controlling the health and safety of packages in accordance with the standards of health and sanitation
5. Control of the preparation and refrigerating system
6. Control the storage process in terms of deploying and processing food
7. Processing and conditions using appropriate methods and authorized additives
8. Use of authorized allergenic compounds in processed foods and the absence of residues of vaccine, antibiotics, and hormones in food products
9. Proper packaging and distribution of food products with a product's health approach from production to consumption
10. Guide for Correct use of products
11. Smart consumption of products based on color markers
12. Control and evaluate the appropriateness of equipment related to food processing in a manner that does not have a beneficial effect on the health of the finished product.
14. To combat malnutrition by enrichment of industrial foods with a variety of micronutrients in order to compensate for the shortage of vitamins and minerals in the daily diet, improve quality and community health.
The sham sham industrial protein complex's belief is always based on principles that ensure the development of inclusiveness and development at all levels of society. Since healthy food production has always been one of the most effective factors in creating a healthy society, this approach has led to the development of comprehensive policies in line with this ambitious goal.